Meet our Team

Meet Mike Reimer

I was born and raised south of Chamberlain, South Dakota. I graduated from Chamberlain High School and then South Dakota State University with my Bachelor of Science degree. I met Rebecca in college, and we were married in 1989. We farmed and ranched for the first few years of our marriage until the opportunity to work for Thrivent came along in the fall of 1995. After passing all my licensing exams, I began my Thrivent career in March of 1996 with six members. As of September 2021 we serve over 500 households. As of January 2021 I manage and advise over $100 million dollars in assets under management, and provide clients and their families with over $162 million in life insurance coverage.

Why working for Thrivent matters: I help people realize their financial goals. This not only can make a difference in their lives, but in the lives of their families for generations to come. Having a plan in place provides confidence and helps them to be generous with their time and talents.

I’m able to work with a broad mix of clients, from farmers and ranchers to small business owners, young couples to those looking at retirement. My team analyzes every situation to provide real solutions.

Meet Rebecca Reimer

I was born, raised, and graduated from high school in Westbrook, Minnesota. After graduation I attended Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa for one year then transferred to South Dakota State University where I met Mike and graduated with my BS.

Fast forward to March of 1996, when I helped Mike launch his career with Thrivent. To be able to better serve our clients, I followed and became a licensed Associate in 2004.

I have had many titles over the years, but Communication Specialist is how I like to refer to myself these days. Staying in touch is important to us and we do this by using a host of tools.

While we appreciate meeting with our clients in person, sometimes video chats or phone call appointments fit best. Our website and social media sites allow us to share our special occasions, and we love to see updates from others! Whether you prefer to reach out to us in person or online, we look forward to visiting with you.

Why working for Thrivent matters: Thrivent is a financial services organization that helps Christians be wise with money and it allows us to balance our personal and work life in a way that fits us. Mainly I enjoy Thrivent because we can support family and friends – new and old – prepare for a meaningful financial future that is unique and personal to them.

Meet Autumn Hickey

I was born, raised, and graduated high school in Chamberlain, South Dakota. After taking a few general online classes and a brief stay in a different city, I realized Chamberlain was truly home. My husband and I have a young son, and this is the place I want to grow and raise my family.

I accepted the opportunity to work for Mike and started at Thrivent in September of 2018. I am an insurance licensed office professional, earning my Life and Health License in July 2020.

Why working for Thrivent matters: Thrivent gives me the opportunity to live where I want and have a great career.