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Want to pursue lifelong dreams — while supporting people and causes you care about? With the guidance of Catalyst Wealth Group, you can be assured that you are not on the journey to financial clarity on your own.

Tell us where you, your family, or your business stands today. We will help you move toward your goals with value based advice, and we'll draw on our industry expertise to help you map out a path to a more secure financial future for you or your business!

Our team has experience as business owners, CEO, management, counseling, strategic planning, and sales training. We utilize our personal experiences, and our constant education in our industry, to help propel you to dream more and rest easy.

CATALYST is an acronym for the way we enjoy serving our clients. Take a peek!



Our CATALYST process includes asking key questions and exploring new approaches. We want to know what your values are- personally and professionally. What is it that keeps you up at night? What do you want to learn more about? What have you heard other people do, and you wondered if it would be relevant to your situation? What resource or connections do you need for fixing that thing, or buying that property? We want to know your questions and curiosities! What has worked well for you- and what has NOT? These questions lead to learning more about what we can do to help you achieve your goals, dreams, and sometimes we uncover that you didn’t know -what you didn’t know!




Once we gather your data (your financial inventory) and your goals, it’s our chance to get to work for you! We have Advisors with a multitude of different backgrounds, so we make sure that two Advisors with the best skills and knowledge for your case are assigned to put your plan together. We will take the big picture puzzle and help you put together all the pieces. Our team has the resources and connections that you and your family or small business may need.


Targeting Goals

Expect Catalyst Wealth Group to take charge of the processes, help develop a strong sense of ownership and accountability, and inspire you to create a vision through the tough questions and thoughtful strategies. We can work with your other advisors, such as your CPA and your attorney, to make sure everyone is on the same page and moving you forward – not just looking backward!  We are the liaison between your other life professionals, ensuring that we are all speaking the same language and taking care of your goals with a fiduciary standard.




Catalyst Wealth Group has access to all the resources that Thrivent and their partners offer. We can implement many of the strategies, including dedicated advice, insurance, investments, generosity, banking, and estate settlement or wealth transfer. Whether you are just starting a savings plan, you are looking to attain tax efficiency going forward, or you just want to analyze your current expense for your portfolio, we are here to implement and advocate for you. We are also your accountability partners going forward. Let us help keep you on track!




One of our core values as a team is having a growth mindset. We believe that if you are not learning, you are not growing. We are always seeking new ways to serve you, finding the resources for unique strategies, and earning more designations in our industry. We also strive to educate you and give you the resources you need to make better decisions. Our guarantee is that you will learn something with each connection you have with us. We know that some people just want to know what time it is, and some people want to know how the clock works. Whatever level of knowledge you need, we will strive to inspire you and help you grow.


Yearly Comprehensive Reviews

At an absolute minimum, we like to meet with people once per year for reviews after their plan is in place. Life changes constantly. Whether you are adding or changing the members of your team or your family- adding or subtracting assets – changing your goals - or the economy has lifted off or taken a slide… our goal as your proactive thinking partner is to make sure you remain on track. Maintenance is the key! We have done reviews while people are headed out to vacation, on their lunch breaks, via phone call or zoom – or even in person if they want to see us! We are flexible to your schedule and will make sure to find a time and a place that works for you.




Catalyst Wealth Group works as a team to make sure our clients are taken care of anywhere you are. We are able to use zoom, phone, electronic signatures, and other means to ensure that no matter where you are or when you need to contact us, we are available. Because your team will have at least two advisors, and support staff, you can be assured that anything you need will be taken care of as soon as possible, and you won’t have to worry about someone taking vacation, or you having to come into the office to get something done. We will work with you remotely!


Tell People About Catalyst Wealth Group

We know that we don’t have to ask you to refer us to the people you care about. You already do that! But we also want you to share the Thrivent member benefits that you get just because you are a Christian member of Thrivent! Share with your friends and family how you used your $250 Action Team gift card to do something great in your community! Share which non-profit you sent your Choice Dollars to! Share the link to that upcoming webinar where we have fun playing BINGO or we do a learning workshop about how to better handle your finances. All we care is that you SHARE!

Love - Appreciation – Generosity. It’s what we are all about!

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