Let's put your plans in motion

Planning your finances can feel a bit like going to the dentist – you know it’s important, but it’s just not something you look forward to. That’s why our team takes a unique approach to make planning your financial future something you actually enjoy doing.

How, you might ask? Well, for one, we believe that money is a tool, and not a goal. We also think that convoluted industry jargon and catch phrases are no match for proper education and guidance from a team with your best interests at heart. To top if off, unlike the many robotic-like financial outlets out there, we’re actual human beings with the ability to hear and understand you, to ask the tough questions, and on occasion, to sneak some good old-fashioned laughter in as well. Whether you need a comprehensive financial plan, investment advice, or even a life insurance quote, we’re here to help.


We also know that it’s only by giving to others that we’re able to receive more than we already have. So, in addition to helping individuals and families be wise with money, our goal is to help inspire generosity in our local communities. Through programs like Thrivent Action teams, Thrivent Builds, and Thrivent Choice Dollars, our members can work with us to give back to their community!

While our office is in Spring, TX, we work primarily via Zoom to conduct remote meetings for those who live elsewhere where we are licensed. Call or email us to schedule an initial meeting.

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