Molly Paolilli

Financial Advisor

State(s) Licensed:   CA Insurance Lic. #4304491, FL, NV, OH

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Molly Paolilli

State(s) Licensed:   CA Insurance Lic. #4304491, FL, NV, OH

My passion in this Industry!

One thing that I am especially thankful for is how my parents came together to invest in my future by purchasing a small life insurance policy with Thrivent for me when I was 4 years old. Some people associate words like "morbidity" or "fear" when discussing life insurance for a child but the only things I think of are "opportunity" and "gift". For example, one of my cousins was not given this opportunity like I was and, when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 7, she became uninsurable. This is just one of my Thrivent stories that I really love to share with parents because I believe it is so important to set children up for success. A small life insurance policy is an amazing investment and gift that you can give your child, and so this has become my mission is to educate my community's parents about the amazing opportunities that exist within life insurance policies for our children.

Your goals and values drive my work.

Ready to achieve lifelong dreams? Protect yourself against unforeseen setbacks? Serve people and causes you care about? Tell me where you are at today and I will draw on my industry experience, personal experience, and my team members to help you map out a clear path to a more secure financial future.

Let's put your plans in motion!

Want to pursue lifelong dreams — while supporting people and causes you care about? The right guidance can help you get there. Whether you have no experience or years of experience, Thrivent is here to help. We’ll always keep your financial goals at the center of what we do together. Working together, we will continue to create clarity through discovering where you are today and what a path forward looks like, this year, to move you closer to accomplishing your goals.

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