About Matthew Budde

Switching careers is hard. Transitioning from the military is life-altering. Veterans moving to the civilian world are juggling a lot through the transition; from personal worries to professional challenges, everything seems new. 

There is a steep learning curve when it comes to personal finances. For the first time, veterans are having to pay for – or are trying to understand – taxable income, cost of living, medical insurance, retirement planning, workplace benefits. . . the list goes on. There’s a reason they say it takes years to fully transition.

I know these challenges first-hand because I’ve lived them. After I retired from the Navy, I invested in real estate and helped others buy and sell their dream homes; thinking this would help me figure all this stuff out . . . it didn’t! After several years of this, I decided I needed a change.

What I really wanted to do was work with vets to help bring clarity out of confusion and to reach their full potential as a civilian. The unfortunate truth is that the root cause of most worry during this time is often money. I'm here to lend my first-hand experience to help people on their journey.

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