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Photo of Marcia Alexander
Marcia Alexander
Financial Associate

About Marcia Alexander

Having worked for over 18 years in the financial industry with personal and business clients of many colors, sizes and cultures. My time in the financial industry has allowed me to be able to understand and help link them with clients for the best suitability. I value open and diverse conversations with individuals as they push ahead to reach their goals and aspirations. Be it the security of life insurance, the knowledge and discipline of lifetime budgeting or the compounded reward of retirement – I am here to meet, listen and act with you. No matter what financial state you are currently in, I will assist you to move forward, step by step. I offer a grounded yet firm approach that allows for individual, coupled and mutual growth. Together we will reach forward to what is ahead as we build your wealth, enabling you to have enough through all life stages and perhaps even extra to share beyond yourself.