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Legacy Capital Associate's goal is to simplify complex concepts and bring new understanding to a broad range of financial strategies to help you make the most of your financial journey. We are here to help look at your financial strategy from every angle – so you can make wise money decisions.

Our in-depth financial planning covers topics such as:

- Retirement

- Retirement Income

- Cash flow management

- Education planning

- Investments

- Estate strategies

- Social Security maximization

- Tax diversification

- College Financial Planning

Rich, Matt and Bob have helped thousands of member-owners make money choices that reflect their values, protect their families, and build community. The team empowers you to navigate today's complex financial world by providing the tools needed to help you feel confident in your financial decisions. 

Let's put your plans in motion

Want to pursue lifelong dreams while supporting people and causes you care about? With our guidance, we will help you get there. Tell us where you're at today. Driven by your goals and values, we'll draw on our industry expertise to help you map out a path to a more secure financial future.

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