About Jordan Dongell

I took the long route to being a financial advisor. After practicing law for nearly six years in Lexington, I had come to realize that my career was in deep conflict with my personality, my gifts, and my vision for living out my Christian faith. After a season of deep reflection and prayer, I identified the key elements of what I wanted to be doing with my career. I wanted to work with people directly and personally, to improve their lives and my community, and work in a field that let me fuse my faith and my work. These seemed impossible to have in one place, until I found Thrivent!

Now that I'm back in my home town of Wilmore as a financial advisor, I have the amazing opportunity to serve friends, family, neighbors, and my hometown community. My dream is to create the type of practice that people can trust for honest and effective advice, and that isn't limited to helping only the wealthiest. How can an advisor claim to be a fiduciary if they only serve the clients that are in their own best interest, and reject everyone else?

My Practice and Values

Thrivent offers a unique opportunity to its advisors, who can leverage the resources and power of a Fortune 500 company within the framework of Christian values of stewardship, generosity, and honest transparency. This is a rare blend for any company, even more rare in the realm of financial services.

In my practice, I'm committed to serving you with these values:

Educational: Every meeting with me, even the first consultation, should result in you understanding more about your finances and feeling more in control of your situation.

Approachable: Finances often touch complicated and sensitive issues, and I want you to feel comfortable asking any question you need. I want to develop plans that fit you, and that means I want to hear what you think.

Professional: Your information is confidential to my team, and you deserve prompt responses to your calls and emails. Every client deserves attention, preparation, and respect.

Faithful: Money is a tool to be used well, not a goal for its own sake. This principle of stewardship is a closely held part of my faith, and I'm committed to serving you from a position of faith. Your money should serve you and your family, not dictate life choices to you.

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