Jordan Dongell

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Individualized planning to help navigate your financial future

State(s) Licensed:   IN, KY, OH, WI

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Jordan Dongell

Individualized planning to help navigate your financial future

State(s) Licensed:   IN, KY, OH, WI

Let's put your plans in motion

You deserve access to financial planning, no matter what stage you are at on your financial journey. My mission is to serve individuals, families, and businesses by helping them identify their key financial goals, and achieve them. Every life change (new job, marriage, children, moving to a new house) provides both opportunity and complexity to much should you save? How fast should you pay down a mortgage? What should you do with your old 401k? Many people find themselves either worrying about these issues or ignoring them. My goal is to eliminate the anxiety and ambiguity which surround your finances, so that you can live in confidence and enjoy the course you have charted with me.

I want to hear about what's going on in your world, and see if I can help you gain confidence as you improve your plans. Start that conversation today!

Create your financial future by building from the bottom up

I use this illustration to help people build a framework and order to their financial it and think about which phases you've worked on, and which ones need more attention.


Like a house, a financial strategy needs a strong foundation to build upon. That includes protection of valuable assets—including income.


A financial strategy’s framework includes working toward savings for retirement, education and other important purchases.


After accumulating assets, there’s a time to use what you’ve saved. This step can include turning a dream purchase into reality, paying for a child’s education, or creating a lifetime income source.


This includes helping ensure that loved ones receive financial support and establishing in advance how estate assets will be distributed.

Tax-efficient financial strategies

Like insulation in a home, tax efficiency helps protect and improve every aspect of a financial strategy.

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