How it all Began...

A hard-working, small town boy from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin raised by parents who knew the value of hard work and helping others. These values were instilled in my brother and I from a very young age and help build us into the men we are today. I am eternally grateful for their tutelage growing up and their desire for us to work for everything we wanted in life.

Out of high school, I attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise-Sport Science with an emphasis in Sports Management. While at UW-La Crosse I coached football for the college team where I built lasting friendships that eventually landed me in Valley City, North Dakota!

Meet the Family!

It was at Valley City State University that I met my wife and began our family. We have a son and daughter who keep us busy and laughing. The start of our family really gave me a new appreciation for others and re-focused my efforts on helping others. Through work with the FM-Athletics board for two years and the Rural Cass County Food Pantry, helping others has been a great source of fulfillment for me.

Why I'm here...

Most of my professional career has been spent in education, and athletics. I coached football at Valley City State University for six years while also managing two of the residence halls on campus. After leaving VCSU, I began working at Northern Cass Public schools, first as a substitute, then as a paraprofessional. On top of those positions, I coached football and track and field for the Jaguars. After two years in those positions, I was fortunate enough to become the Activities Director for Northern Cass. I spent two years as the Activities Director before Thrivent found me.

Thrivent offered me the opportunity to move alongside my clients and help them achieve their dreams, while also making a positive impact on the community. My goal is to educate people about their finances and empower them to make the most out of their money and have a positive impact on those in their lives. Together we can achieve more than alone and I want to help others reach their goals to live their best lives.