Why Brandi, Why Thrivent:

Many people have asked why I decided to change careers! For 25 years I worked in the health, mental health, and human services field. I love people! I also believe my purpose is to serve. I have always been one to look for areas of need and try to do what I could to fill that gap. It is the business side of my brain that loves to figure out solutions, while combining the love I have for people. But the high stress and demand from my previous work took a toll on me and my family. While exploring my options, it become very clear that God had a plan for me. I continued to stumble upon people that struggled with knowing what and how to put a solid financial plan together that allowed them to live life and save for their future. This became a burning need for me to do what I could to fill the gap. I believe God led me to not only to this career but to this company. A company that can hold its head high for ethical standards and values that align with mine.  I must say it has not only fulfilled my desire to serve, but it has been fun as well. Who wouldn’t love to help others find clarity so they can enjoy life in the moment and be free from worry?   

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