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Photo of Beth McKinley
Beth McKinley
Financial Associate

About Beth McKinley

After 15 years helping donors fulfill their charitable dreams as a donor advisor, I joined Thrivent Financial because I have seen firsthand the benefit of our stewardship approach, working alongside Thrivent Financial Representatives who utilized charitable vehicles to support the non-profits I used to represent. As a Financial Professional, my purpose is to help you develop effective strategies to reach your financial goals, including protecting your future and family, saving for retirement and/or a child’s education, and giving to your favorite organizations or causes. Given my fundraising background, I plan to achieve the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) designation early in my tenure with Thrivent. I am married to Aaron and we have two children, Madelyn and Mason. I am active in the community and passionate about giving back. I look forward to helping you take care of your future, your family, and your community.