Who is Zach the Financial Advisor?

Finances have been a passion of mine for a long time. I believe that in most scenarios there is a best way to meet your goals. There are usually a couple of close seconds, and there are usually a couple of terrible options. With all the different financial tools that are available it’s important to have a financial advisor who you know and trust to help you make the best decision moving forward.

·        It’s important to align your portfolio with your risk tolerance while balancing the time horizon of your investment.

·        It’s important to develop a plan for the what ifs in life.

·        There are typically times in life when there’s more work to be done than others for example deciding when to retire.

Who is Zach the person?

My wife and I started dating on a study abroad program in Cambridge England. It was the whirlwind romance you can image. She is by far the best “investment” I’ve ever made and I’m incredibly proud of how far we’ve come together. We welcomed our first son Will in February of 2022, and he has been a huge blessing to our little family. When we had spare time, we loved to go on hikes, going skiing/snowboard, and playing board games with our friends. I’ve got 9 14er’s under my belt and I truly believe in living your life to the fullest and chasing your dreams. I’ve also played soccer my whole life and I’m an avid Tottenham fan.

My "Why"

When I was a little over a year old my father passed away from brain cancer. It was difficult for me to grow up without a father, but it was more difficult for my mom.  I am incredibly proud of my mother for raising me despite the hardships we faced. She is the most incredible woman (besides my wife) that I know. She did an amazing job of picking up the pieces and giving me an amazing childhood, but I saw firsthand what it was like to deal with not having a plan in place. No one wanted to have the hard conversations with my family before there was a need for it, so they had to have them later. I believe it is my calling to not just stop after the easy conversations, but to also have the hard conversations. These conversations then lead to robust plans that can and will weather any storm. It’s my calling in life to help families managed their wealth in the best of times and the worst.

Living Generously in Colorado Springs

·        Volunteer, Junior Achievement

·        Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity Colorado Springs

·        Supporter, Reclaiming Hope

·        Supporter, Compassion International


·        Finra Series 7 General Securities Representative

·        Finra Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law

·        Life and Health Insurance Licenses

·        Bachelors of Science, Physics, Valparaiso University

Peak Legacy Group

Peak Legacy Group


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