Woodworking, photography, fishing, spending time in nature, and my family are some of my passions.

I am proud to show you my family. I have 2 grown sons, Jacob and Nathan. My wife, Ranee, serves as my office professional.

About Wayne Grunklee

I have been serving clients with Thrivent for nearly 20 years, and I truly love helping others achieve financial clarity. The best way to serve my clients is to sit down and visit; this can be done in person, over the phone or on Zoom. We can discuss your goals and formulate a plan to meet your individual needs.


My main office is in Morris, and I have a secondary office in

Elbow Lake. I also serve clients in the Big Stone Lake area. Although I do not have an office in the Big Stone Lake area, we can meet in your home, another location, by phone, or using Zoom.

Morris Office

Ranee Grunklee

Ranee Grunklee

I am happy to introduce my wife, Ranee. She serves as my office professional. After teaching for over 20 years, we decided that her many talents could be put to better use helping me. She makes phone calls, welcomes you to our office, and does many things to make my job easier. Ranee has an Accident & Health, Life insurance license.


Office Professional