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Photo of Trail Ridge Associates
Trail Ridge Associates

Meet Trail Ridge Associates

Trail Ridge Associates began in 1999 when Gene Elder started in Salt Lake City. Trail Ridge Associates has evolved into a team that includes Associates Jeff Losh, Kristi Peach, & Bonnie VerHow, and Office Professional Erin Hummel. Each person fills a very specific role to assist our clients in various ways. The reason we do what we do is we want to be helpful & feel like we have done good for someone else - to fix problems, find solutions & be a connector of people. We know for a lot of people planning can be daunting. Whether it is fear of having done the wrong things in the past, embarrassment over not having done enough, or pride of having too much, working with Gene, Jeff, or Kristi will help to put you onto a path of greater confidence in your own plan. Our practice prides itself on working with clients of any generation & every level. We feel it is never too early to start your planning process & never too late to make improvements along your journey.