About Tom Kyle

I am a Market Leader looking for professionals in the Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Fort Myers and Naples, Florida areas. I am also seeking professionals in Tallahassee, Pensacola and Panama City. After proudly spending almost 3 decades with Thrivent Financial, we have grown our market by attracting high quality, diverse talent into financial professional roles. My key role, as your Market Leader, is to support you in personally assessing if the financial profession is meant for you and if you are meant for this profession. If the answer is yes, we will stand alongside each other, not only during your first four years to help you develop a thriving practice, but as a colleague in a thriving industry for as long as we continue in the profession. In those first years, I will ensure that you are given the tools, resources and knowledge needed to be successful in your new career. With my guidance, and the support of our amazing staff, you will become an expert in what it takes to be a successful financial professional, both in sales process/methods and systems/technology.

Tanya Caffieri

Tanya Caffieri

For availability and scheduling assistance, please contact Tanya Caffieri, at tanya.caffieri@thrivent.com


Senior Administrative Assistant