About Timothy Urness

"To take a journey one must begin with Step 1." 

I love this quote... when we need to get started it seems far too common that the fear of the unknown paralyzes us...sometimes where we never even take step one.  


I am grateful that I have been on many journeys in my life and they have often been surrounded with loving people to hold me up.  

Growing up with my parents and two older siblings in Winona I was often encouraged to "go for it" (whatever that "it" may have been... trying a new sport or traveling to other countries...). I am thankful to have had support for each one. In the beginning it was mainly my parents and siblings...as I got older it was still my family, but also many friends and mentors. Now, today with my career and my most important journey as husband to Carrie and dad to Christian, Nora and Gracie, I feel that I am always a part of a team. All along the way I've had a support system, whether I knew it or not.   


I have found that I also love joining people alongside their journey where I can pass along support to others. Relationships of trust and honesty are very important to me. I value the people in my life and find it a thrill when I can help others in their lives... no matter where they are: step one, halfway through or towards the final steps...it is truly an honor to be able to help and support.   

This is one reason I love my role at Thrivent. I get to be part of the support system for many. They range in age from 2 weeks old to 97 years young! The confidence that people have placed in me to help and support them means so much. 


I am motivated by being part of a community. Organizing a cribbage tournament to raise funds for the VETERANS HONOR FLIGHT, emceeing a local 5k race to raise funds for suicide awareness, or hosting the Jingle Bells Telethon to raise money each Christmas season for families that could use a hand up during the holidays makes me feel like I'm serving my purpose. 

Our family enjoys friendly competition during family game nights. My wife Carrie and I also love to support and cheer on our kids in their adventures and activities...whether that's watching Christian do the hurdles at a track meet, Nora swing her softball bat, or Gracie going in for a layup in hoops. I'm excited to see where our support leads them. 


What can I do to help and support you?

Sage Creek Financial Consultants

Sage Creek Financial Consultants

Sage Creek Financial Consultants isn't just our name, it reflects who we are and who our clients are. We are all on a journey. Sage Creek signifies our journey to wisdom that comes from the Advice, Balance and Clarity that we provide to our clients.  


Advice. We get to know our clients and provide individualized guidance that helps them make sound financial decisions based on their own unique situation. This advice isn't just a "one-and-done" but a lasting relationship that evolves and adapts just as our lives do.    


Balance. This can be a work/life balance, a balance of priorities, a balance of needs vs wants. Whatever it is we believe in helping our clients make strides to achieve it so they can live life on their terms.  


Clarity. It's important that our clients understand their financial plan and how we can help them. The “how” and the “why.” Knowing that the pieces fit together gives our clients the confidence to focus on what matters most to them. Our clients know their plan, why they have one, and that we can make changes as life happens. 


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