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Photo of Tim Zauche
Tim Zauche
Financial Associate

About Tim Zauche

I am working for Thrivent as a way to combine my faith and work life. I was a college professor for 18 years for a public university and was frustrated that I could not openly share my faith with my students. Now I am working as a financial associate combining my faith with wise financial decisions every day. I still educate people, I just do it now around how to maximize working towards your goals and also how to be as efficient as possible with your taxes. I also help people protect themselves against set backs in working towards those goals with personal insurance. This could be disability, life, long term care or Medicare supplement insurance. I was the youngest of 4 children on a beef farm in Dubuque County, Iowa and have tried to instill that work ethic into my own children. I now have 4 children and 2.6 grandchildren of my own. Thankfully I was good at good talker many years ago having sold Geri to the idea of being married to me 22 years now.