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Photo of The Myers
The Myers

Meet The Myers

Our team has gladly served the community since 1996 and we guide our members to help make wise money choices that reflect their values while providing them opportunities to demonstrate their generosity where they live, work and worship. The conversation we share around generosity with those we work with is part of how we view money as a tool and not a goal. Linking your faith and your values to the financial planning we do is what makes our organization unique. We really love seeing generosity in action and finding ways to inspire others to give back. When we decided to remodel the first floor of our building we had our Community in mind from the start. We created the Thrivent Community Room as a space that could help fill a need locally for small groups to utilize free of charge. We feel like what we have to offer is truly a gift to be shared. The best part about working with us is that we have every tool in our financial planning tool belt to address almost any goal or concern.