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The Myers

Meet The Myers

We have every tool in our financial guidance tool belt to address and answer the questions and concerns you face. So what makes us different? Our goal is to help our members make wise decisions so that they may lead more secure and generous lives. Thrivent Financial is a unique organization that aligns Christian values with the products and services we offer in order to help make stronger families and communities. We help to do that through the ABC's of generosity: Thrivent Action Teams, Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity, and Thrivent Choice Dollars. We start the conversation by putting you at the center of it. Your goals and values lead the way. Our objective is to provide education and understanding about the different decisions you face. Using a team approach, we are able to share our expertise in a number of different areas from accumulation and distribution strategies, to protecting against the unexpected, and managing all of the different risks that retirement presents.