Our story

Our story

Stephanie Shields and Luke Cattau portrait

At the Shields Cattau Financial Group, it is imperative to us to understand where you and your family want to be in 5, 10, 15 years and beyond. Through active listening and discernment we will help create the turn by turn map that will guide you to your desired destination. This map will help you to move closer to achieving your goals and the confidence to know that you're on your way.

We follow a holistic-planning philosophy to create a personalized game-plan that aligns your financial goals. We then provide strategic tune-ups along the way to make it run efficiently. 

We pride ourselves in staying current with the latest tax laws and other changes that may affect our clients’ products and plans. But we also recognize when we need to bring in additional experts to execute financial strategies. We network with local high-quality professionals to provide these services that are not our forte. 

We are committed to guiding you as you define your personal family goals and holding you accountable as you implement your unique strategies. We also fine-tune your plan along the way, because we know life is never a straight line.

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