About Shemlah Naphish

I'm proud to be a Thrivent financial professional. I love to nerd out over finance. I really enjoy listening to individuals like yourself share wisdom from life experiences and share celebratory progress stories. Even when life gets tough when expecting the unexpected, I enjoy being a beacon of hope and light in respective families' lives. Everyday, I get to serve my community by adding value where it means the most. I am a family woman (the oldest of six siblings) and a woman of God. Although, not married yet, I like to tell people that I am working on it. Very excited for what the future brings and I look forward to working with you. I enjoy working out, trying new delicious recipes of the southern and international cuisine variety, reading self development books (hello, Bible) and making homemade memes. I love to laugh and make others laugh. This is an image of me at church. I am passionate about supporting various churches and nonprofits.