About Shawn Greenfield

What drives and gets me out of bed every day is the opportunity to help people look at their money and their plan differently, in a way that leads towards greater peace, clarity and prosperity. There are a lot of great financial professionals in our community, but what sets me apart is my true care and compassion for everyone’s unique situation and perspective, and my promise to take the time and energy necessary to know precisely what my clients value and ultimately what goals they want to accomplish. As your financial professional, I will work hard to establish confidence and to understand what’s most important to you through my values-based approach.

My journey with Thrivent started in the fall of 2019. In my previous career, I worked in higher education helping students from all around the world make one of the biggest and most important financial decisions of their lives – deciding which university to study at in the United States of America. Working with students and their families was one of the most fulfilling parts of that career, especially the personal, enduring relationships that were built. In joining Thrivent, my heart continues to be in serving my clients and to helping them on the journey towards financial clarity and security. For me, there was no doubt that Thrivent was the right fit as I embarked on the journey of becoming a financial associate. I love that the purpose, values, vision and generosity that are so important in my own personal life align with those of Thrivent.

My wife and I absolutely love getting out and enjoying nature, and this region offers so many great opportunities to explore. I have a passion for photography, hiking new trails to scenic views, and really anything that involves being outdoors. As often as we can, we enjoy visiting our family and loved ones that are scattered both near and far. We are very active in our local church and love the community and local events that happen here on the Palouse throughout the year. On the weekends, we often find ourselves taking scenic drives along the beautiful, winding country roads that connect all the small towns around Pullman and Moscow. Traveling and experiencing other cultures is also very important to me. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of visiting over 50 countries thus far!

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