About Sean Little

I grew up an athlete, and a military brat (my father is ex-navy)- most of my life lead me towards either following my love of sports or following my dad's wishes for me joining the military myself. I started my college career at the Naval Academy, before making the decision to transfer and finish my schooling elsewhere. After, and during my school years I was coaching and playing water polo. I never had much direction on what life would be like, or what I wanted to do with my career since I was no longer following the military path that was laid before me. After college I continued coaching, leading teams and programs to national championships, multiple top 10 finishes and more. I enjoyed it, it was something originally, I saw myself doing for my entire adult life.

Eventually I met my wife, Jessica and we were married. My goals and focus changed – I needed to find a career that would allow me to take my skills and work ethic and provide for myself and my family the life that they deserved. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Thrivent and the rest is history. I am now in a career I love, surrounded by people I care for and respect and support by a company that has a great culture, and strong alignment with my value system.

I love sports still, any and all types. I still try to stay active – though not as active as back when I was competing and training 6 hours a day! My wife and I have two wonderful (sometimes) sons, James (born in 2018) and Noah (Born in 2020) as well as an adopted Bichon/Poodle named Antonio B. Cooper. My weekends and time off now consist of time spent with my boys and wife. My secret passions (although not so secret anymore) are cooking, binge watching seasons of TV with my wife late at night and playing any and all types of games (board, puzzles, video, chess, cards!).