About Sarah Steele

About Sarah Steele 

I am proud to be a Thrivent Financial Professional. I have the joy of being able to work with people from all walks of life. I will help you truly understand your own financial situation and the opportunities in front of you to accomplish your financial goals. I have always had a deep desire to teach, mentor, and serve others - which I thought would result in a career as a college professor. Once I discovered the opportunity to do all three of those things as a financial associate, I realized it is my calling.  

I have a deep sense of justice, ethics, and transparency in my work and all things connected to finance. As a child, I can specifically remember rolling coins and talking about how we prioritized our spending as a family. My ability to empathize as well as effectively prioritize a budget means that you will know where each of your dollars will go and how it is helping you accomplish your goals. 

As a former varsity and college athlete as well as a girl's lacrosse coach, I see a strong relationship between coaching and finances. I strive to be my clients' financial coach. While you are the star athlete making each decision on the field, I am here to guide you and call the plays from my playbook. Together, we form a team of people who are all focused on working in unison on your financial plan. My goal as your financial coach is to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Hobbies and Activities 

Outside of my work I have an extremely diverse group of hobbies and activities that I enjoy. I love my Bible study and my book club, watching football (go Steelers!), collecting Pokémon cards, playing Magic the Gathering, spending time with my husband (Chris) especially at SeaWorld since we have season passes, cuddling with my dog (Bandit) and my bunny (Rusty), playing Call of Duty, and playing poker at Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments and family nights. 

Community Outreach 

  • Welcome Team - Mission Viejo Christian Church 
  • Thrivent Action Teams - Irvine and Mission Viejo Communities | Local Families in Need | Irvine Animal Care Center