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Photo of Sarah Hamlen
Sarah Hamlen
Financial Associate

About Sarah Hamlen

Nobody was more surprised than I. I had my dream job! I’d worked hard to leave MT get a job trading commodities. Dreams were realities! But then, I fell apart. The numbers showed I was good at my job - and I knew I had to quit. In those numbers, I had not helped anyone that mattered to me. I wanted to make a difference in rural MT. I shouldn't have been surprised. My dad was an ag-business owner and president of the MT Agricultural Business Association. I was a 4-H member; even serving as a MT State 4-H Ambassador. My brother loved rodeo. Mom taught school. I helped ranch friends move cows and irrigation lines. You can take a girl out of MT, but… In 2013, I connected my experience and degrees in Business Management and Master's in Ag Education with my financial practice. I am proud to operate from White Sulphur Springs and align with Thrivent Financial. My husband, Marc, and I are proud to be raising two 4-H girls in Big Sky Country.