Tax Efficiency Planning

Tax Efficiency Planning

What is Tax Efficiency Planning?  


Through our proprietary What-if Tax Analysis we can educate you on how federal income taxes can affect you. We can guide in making smart decisions that can affect your taxes, such as: 

  • Will a Roth conversion help or hurt me? 
  • How will an unexpected revenue stream (inheritance, sale of an asset, etc.) change my income taxes? 
  • What will happen to my spouse’s tax rate if I pass away? 

With this analysis, we can identify potential ways to revise your strategy so that it’s structured to make the most of your tax situation.

The suggestions and recommendations included in your analysis are educational in nature. While Thrivent does not provide specific legal or tax advice, we can partner with you and your tax professional and attorney.

How can it benefit you? 

No one likes to pay taxes, but they’re a part of life. If we can help you understand your tax burden now or in the future, then you, your spouse or your heirs can make the most of your tax situation.

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