Renae Etka

Financial Associate

State(s) Licensed:   IL, KS, MO

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Renae Etka

State(s) Licensed:   IL, KS, MO

What do you do at Thrivent?

We've created a process that allows you to determine if we would be a good fit


Step 1 – Get to Know You - You do not need to bring anything to our first meeting – the goal of this meeting is to ensure we understand your financial goals and concerns, and you understand who we are and how we work with our clients. This is conducted either Zoom call or in-person at my Champaign office


Step 2 – Fact Finding Meeting – My goal is to understand your financial position today. I would never want to give recommendations, unless I know where you are starting from. To help with this, I will provide you a checklist of documents to bring with you to be efficient of your time


Step 3 – Analysis – This is where, I believe, being part of the East Central Illinois Group starts to really set us apart. With our team we review and dive deep into the information to help answer some important questions

- Is your retirement on track?

- How should your portfolio be managed as you near retirement? 

- Have you addressed tax treatment of your assets? 

- How to handle pensions and when to start Social Security? 

- How much can you safely withdraw monthly?

- What things can throw off the plan and can we protect against any of them? 


Step 4 – Evaluation Meeting –During this meeting, we will review the solutions we have for the questions listed above and we will lay out a path forward to allow you to decide how our relationship looks moving forward. We find that meeting at least annually to review after we go through the initial process is as important as the process we start with, so we plan to see you at least once a year to stay current with you

Ready to Get Started?

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