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Photo of Omar Maldonado
Omar Maldonado
Financial Associate

About Omar Maldonado

I've been married to April since July of 2000, and we have 4 amazing kids, Adreanne, Christian, Solis and Elijah. I love spending time with my family, and going out on dates with my wife. It's this love of life that inspired me to be who I am today, a Financial Associate with Thrivent Financial. Each day I get to sit down with people I care about and have a conversation about what is important to them and their life. I have the honor to be the one who reliably listens to them. I am committed to you being Empowered and having comfort and confidence with your finances. I am your access to making confident, well-informed decisions, and giving you the individual attention you deserve. Together we can redefine what's possible, and create a future of your own design.