About Michele Westmaas

Over the last 20 years, families across the state have trusted me to help navigate the obstacles we face raising children with disabilities. I am eager to continue using my life experience with disability, divorce, and the LGBTQ+ community to serve others. I want to help you gain financial clarity – wherever you are in your life journey.

As a former educator, I see my role as coach and accountability partner. I focus on understanding your goals and priorities. Together, we create a holistic plan incorporating financial advice, investments, insurance, banking and giving. Over the years, we implement and update the plan, guiding you toward financial choices that help you live a life full of meaning and gratitude. Thrivent’s 100-year-old foundation of principles and values gives us a framework to use money as a tool to achieve your personal goals, provide a sense of reassurance to those you love, and give back to your community.

Because Thrivent is a member-owned not-for-profit organization, we can pour profits into the community through giving programs directed by members to causes close to their heart.

Heart is at the core of my work at Thrivent. A heart of service, gratitude, and generosity.