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Photo of Michael Kapets
Michael Kapets
Financial Consultant

About Michael Kapets

Retirement is something we all look forward to with anticipation. Many have felt they were not prepared or confident in the decisions they were making, which has led to mistakes. Working with a faithful financial guide can help eliminate any hesitation, provide education and help prevent oversights that distract you from your retirement goals. Our mission is to provide guidance and partner with Christians to help them make wise retirement decisions. Over the years, we have created processes to support you in making wise financial decisions and help give you the confidence to retire fearlessly. Our process can prepare you in the years leading up to retirement and help put you in control to retire on your terms. In addition, we will continue to support you through retirement. My wife Kay and I have three young daughters, Jayna, Elin & Kelsey. We spend a great deal of time with the girls at their activities. We embrace living in Wisconsin and enjoy fishing, boating and snowmobiling.