Hi, my name is Mercedes, Nice to meet you!

If I can say anything about myself it is that I am...Inspired, Humbled, and Driven.

I am inspired by those around me, humbled by my mistakes, and driven to make a difference. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing community of people in my life. They inspire me to pursue what I feel is my mission in life; to help everyone I touch to become the best form of themselves they can be. I have the opportunity to do this in my personal life alongside my partner and our children but also in my professional life.

I am originally from Miami, Florida and am a first generation American of Cuban decent. Family brought me to the Midwest in 2022 and I have been a resident of Omaha, Nebraska ever since. I share a home with my partner Jared and our blended family. Three kids, Renate (13), Rayven (11), Maddox (7), and three fur babies, Macie (6), T.U.G.(1) and Chico who is just under a year old. I love to spend as much time as possible with them but also really love cooking, gardening and enjoying the outdoors!

A little more about me...


We can all make a difference, in our lives, our communities and the next generation. We have the power to create a path that leads to that difference. The difference is even more powerful if we work as a community! All of our own individual history and stories bring something special. Our unique backgrounds and experiences are what make us a significant part of the whole big picture. Everyone brings unique talent, ideas and motivations.


If you challenge yourself, follow your heart, work hard and believe in your mission, you will reach not only your goals but also create a life of accomplishments for yourself those you love.


I seek to inspire and motivate those that I lead in my work, personal life and community to not only reach for their dreams, but to take steps towards them. Step one, is understanding what is important to you. What drives you, keeps you up at night and inspires you. Step two, is create a plan to get you there. A plan that encompasses those things that bring you joy and fulfilment. Step three, is to execute that plan and re-evaluate along the way. I strive to help you challenge yourself and believe in yourself.


Inspire those who are in my life to be the best form of themselves they can be.

Build a life for myself and family filled with opportunities base on the choices we make as individuals and as a family.

Make a difference in my community towards the better good of all.