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Photo of Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Financial Associate

About Matthew Taylor

I am a firm believer in having fun, and that one of the best ways to be able to live an enjoyable life is to be financially secure. I measure my own financial success similar to my clients success and namely from two perspectives: -From a worldly perspective: When I can tell my clients with confidence they can afford that vacation home, or to take the grandkids to Disney World and that they should feel good about it. Comprehensive planning enables our clients to make financial decisions with confidence, not with guilt. -Creating a legacy: Having your financial goals align with your values is not something every financial company talks about. At Thrivent Financial we believe in helping our members be wise with money so that they can live generously. Often our most successful plans involve planning a legacy, whether it be church, charity or to their family. Our goal is for every client to feel like they can have that conversation because they are not going to outlive their money.