About Lori Fox

With a background in the hospitality business and 14 years of experience in the financial industry, Lori loves providing each client with excellent, concierge-level, customer service. She is dedicated to office efficiencies to ensure our clients receive timely, accurate and thorough information and assistance. She works closely with her own clients in creating and implementing financial strategies, while also overseeing the operations of the entire Generational Wealth Advisors team.

Working on the Generational Wealth Advisors team perfectly aligns with Lori’s values of faith, family, health, integrity, leadership, and meaningful work. She enjoys the faith-based, caring team that focuses on making a difference and helping others.

Lori and her husband, Dan, along with their children, Leo (13) and Lydia (9) live in Maineville, OH. She is passionate about the mission field, and has traveled to India, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Cayman Islands on mission trips.

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