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Photo of Kyle Kinsinger
Kyle Kinsinger
Financial Associate

About Kyle Kinsinger

I've been with Thrivent for 5 years. I hitched my horse to the Thrivent cart because we care for communities really well; which can only happen by putting people first. I strive to listen and be wise counsel to anyone who'd like another set of eyes on things, coming alongside people to formulate a tax-efficient plan for their unique situation. I can help people understand the myriad of ways to lay the foundational protection pieces of life insurance to protect that which matters most. On top of that, whether it's saving for college or preparing for retirement or a business, these planning moments are nuanced and I can help navigate one's options. I love helping people prepare for retirement, because each situation is unique, and my expertise in this area really comes into play. In essence, I listen to people well, articulate and educate, and partner together on a path forward. I love helping people. It all starts with a conversation.