About Kyle Brancato

My interest in the financial feasibility of retirement goes back further than most. As a senior in high school, my final project was on the topic of retirement. I had seen the effects that good planning and a lack of planning can have on someone’s ability to retire – which motivated me to begin reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Millionaire Next Door, and Think and Grow Rich.  

My project was comprehensive enough that even some of my teachers began to ask me for financial advice and if they would have enough to retire. It was then that I realized that financial literacy is not as common as it should be, but something that comes naturally to me.  

My goal is to be a lifelong learner, spread financial literacy to everyone, and help people work towards financial freedom.   

In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my girlfriend, going to the gym, and caring for my great grandpa. Another place that you will find me is at car shows, driving, and at cars and coffee meet ups.