About Kristi Noel

I love helping others!  It is inspiring to me to do what I can to add light and love to another’s life. I have resided in beautiful Minnesota for almost 30 years! God takes us on many paths in life. After college, my first professional career was with the Target Corporation where I was a Human Resources Executive.  I thrived on getting to know my team and help them with their pay, benefits, and work schedules. I naturally have compassion for others and that surely helped in this role, but also in my current role as a Financial Professional with Thrivent.  

Helping clients achieve financial clarity and direction is what I love best. I thoroughly enjoy educating others on financial strategies and doing so in a way that does not overwhelm or stress, but rather can be easily understood and may even be considered FUN! My goal with each client is to better understand their goals, their fears, their financial picture and their future visions of how they want their life to be. Whether that may be living in retirement, leaving a legacy or living a life of generosity, I can help them on whatever path they choose. The peace that clients describe to me that they have after working with me is priceless. The work I get to do every day is very gratifying! A good financial plan provides clients with room to breathe and just LIVE life to the fullest while leaving a legacy to the people and places they care most about. I also especially love empowering women to take a larger role in finances and planning.     

I am married to a handsome math teacher and we have 3 children and a dog. I enjoy the outdoors, family time, cross country skiing, and any activity or sport involving water. I am a big fan of trees and have planted thousands in my lifetime.  I have been very involved in my community and church over the years. I am honored to be a Blandin Community Leadership Program Alumni and recipient of the In-Faith Voice in Philanthropy award. 

Discover Your Plan

They say what excites you is not random, but rather it is part of your PURPOSE.

Discovering your personal financial plan may not start out exciting, but definitely gets more fun as you go!

Follow your PURPOSE in life. Achieve your goals.  

Enjoying the Journey

This career has brought about so many networking opportunities with women who prove continuing education can be fun! 

Highlights include attending conference in beautiful DC, being inspired at the Business Development Conference in Minneapolis, and gaining knowledge at a professional women’s event in Fargo. 

Pine to Prairie Group

Pine to Prairie Group


Team Practice

    Ann Vorce

    Ann Vorce

    My Thrivent journey began many years ago serving on the East Polk County Chapter Board and as a Congregational Advocate. I feel that working as a church secretary for 12 years helped prepare me for my important role at Thrivent as an Office Professional. I find work here at the practice very fulfilling. I look forward to helping our Thrivent members, the ministerial committee and our local communities for many years to come.


    Office Professional