My Story

My journey towards becoming a Financial Advisor is intricately woven with personal experiences that underscore the significance of financial empowerment, especially for women. My earliest memory of money dates back to my 10th birthday when a friend's father gifted me a $100 bill. Instead of spending it, I made the conscious decision to save it for a bigger goal. Each passing year saw my savings goal evolve—from opening a bank account to saving for a car, then a home, and now for my wedding.


Throughout my life, I observed the challenges women face, particularly after significant life changes like widowhood or divorce. This awareness deepened as I witnessed my own mother's journey of starting anew after a divorce. The experience highlighted the vulnerability many women feel when navigating their financial lives alone.


The turning point in my career path occurred at 17 when I met a female financial advisor. She not only encouraged me to enter the financial advisory field but also inspired me to bring a unique perspective as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated profession.


Recognizing the specific challenges faced by women, especially those who find themselves widowed or divorced, became a focal point of my career. I place a strong emphasis on building relationships with both spouses, understanding that financial decisions impact everyone involved. Even in cases where one partner typically manages the finances, I stress the importance of both parties being on the same page.

My mission extends to providing support and education to women who may have felt excluded or lost after significant life changes. Whether through widowhood or divorce, I am dedicated to helping these women build financial literacy and confidence. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of educating couples together, ensuring that women are actively included and empowered in financial decision-making.


In essence, my role goes beyond managing portfolios; it is about fostering understanding, building relationships, and providing a supportive environment for women to navigate their financial journeys. I am here to bridge the gap, offering guidance, education, and empowerment to women who seek to regain control of their financial destinies, and to couples who understand the significance of shared financial knowledge and responsibility.

After Hours

Beyond my dedication to serving clients, my interests include snowboarding, rock climbing, gym workouts, hiking with my dogs, active involvement in my church, participation in Bible study, moments with family, and exploring through travel. 

Helping individuals, families, churches, and communities thrive.

Being financially prepared and living generously go hand in hand, and when they do, our communities thrive. We can partner with you by providing resources for:


Families and Individuals

· Financial advice and products—We offer guidance and products to help individuals and families create a personalized strategy to help them achieve their goals.

· Banking—Thrivent Credit Union (TCU) helps people achieve financial clarity by providing access to banking products and services that help bring balance to spending, purpose to saving, and intention to managing debt.

Churches and Nonprofits

· Endowments and charitable funds—Flexible endowment fund options to help support the future mission of churches and nonprofits.

· Investments—Customized investment management services and separately managed institutional administrative services.

· Financial coaching—Our free one-on-one coaching, "Money Canvas", helps you and the people you serve create healthy saving, spending and budgeting habits

· Church financing, Business banking, Christian leader webinar series

Select your path to financial success.

1.    Solution-based strategies:

Craft a personalized roadmap to your financial goals with our dedicated planning service. Together, we'll delve into your unique circumstances, aspirations, and challenges, developing a comprehensive plan that aligns with your vision for the future.

2.    Managed accounts program:

Entrust your financial journey to our experienced hands. With managed accounts, we take on the responsibility of actively overseeing and optimizing your investments, ensuring a strategic approach to grow and safeguard your wealth.

3.    Dedicated Planning Services:

Tailored solutions for specific financial needs. Whether you're looking to address debt, plan for retirement, or navigate tax complexities, our solution-based strategies are designed to provide targeted guidance and tangible results.

Choose the collaboration that suits you best, and let's embark on your financial journey together.

Education & Experience

· Bachelor of Business in Finance – CSU San Marcos

· FINRA Series 7 General Securities Representative

· FINRA Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law

· State(s) Licensed: AZ, CA Insurance Lic. #4195605, ID, MN, NV, WI