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Photo of Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones
Financial Associate

About Kelly Jones

For more than a decade, I’ve led a faith-based financial practice deeply rooted in service. Every day, God gives me the opportunity to help people achieve their goals and dreams by working with them to tailor a financial plan. I understand life is a journey and that we all have a different path to follow. And I want to empower you to handle all the ups and downs on your journey. I help individuals and families fulfill their dreams and gain confidence about their financial present and future. That’s why I view financial planning holistically–I’m committed to helping people live generously and be wise with their money in accordance with God’s Way. My team, The Greater Carolina Group, has decades of experience providing trusted service that promotes the well-being of our clients. And as God has blessed me abundantly, I seek to share His blessings with my community. After all, we are each other’s neighbor.