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Photo of Joslyne Cook
Joslyne Cook
Financial Associate

About Joslyne Cook

I am passionate about empowering people to pursue their financial dreams but remembering to prepare for the unexpected. I have been told that my passion shows in my ability to effectively communicate on all levels. My goal is to help you reach a place where you feel like you have enough for yourself – and to share. When creating something so perfect, though, we often forget the reality that life can suddenly throw our way. I lost my dad unexpectedly at the age of 46. He owned his own business, so naturally I trusted he took care of our personal finances just as well. Unfortunately, he did not have life insurance, and my family was faced with grief and financial uncertainty. My mom raised me and my brother all our lives, and then she became responsible for playing both “mom and dad” overnight. I wish someone had shared with him how to plan for the unexpected. As a result, helping people be wise with money, no matter what stage of life or income level, is extremely important to me.