About Josh

Hey there - Josh here. These 'about' sections are usually robotic and stuffy, so I'll actively try to avoid that here.

Although 'outgoing' is an overused personality trait, I truly think it fits me best. I've always been intently interested in meeting new folks and creating good ole face to face relationships. Although I use my phone more than I'd like to admit, I find most fulfillment in engaging with people the "old fashion way".

Analytical would probably be the next word I'd use to define myself. I often find myself asking 'why' numerous times like a toddler, unrelenting in understanding the idea to its core. That being said, I sure do have a lot of random facts stored up in my head that probably get pulled out once a year. Oh well!

I love dogs, Formula 1 racing, and my beautiful girlfriend, Caitlin. I enjoy building and tinkering - my latest hobby being building, flying (and ultimately fixing) my own drones. I'm anticipating the day I own a house and can start real projects beyond putting Command hooks on the wall.

Before I go on too much and lose your interest, I genuinely appreciate you giving your time to read through this little excerpt. I promise you with sincere earnest that I will do all I can to help create financial clarity within your life, and hopefully make daunting tasks seem easy (and heck, maybe even have a little fun!).

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