About Jonathan Wilterdink

An Ohio transplant since 2009, I previously worked as a United Methodist Pastor. Serving in the church I learned that many people don't have clarity regarding their finances. This lack of clarity creates more stress at home, more hours at work, and anxiety about financial decisions.

When I had the opportunity to join Thrivent in 2016, I stepped into a role that provided me a way to provide people clarity on the purpose of their finances and how it could be a tool to elevate their family and community. As a Financial Professional I serve on a team to help clients address their needs and goals while navigating the continually changing financial landscape.

My wife Beth is a full time United Methodist Pastor and we have three children; Robert, Clayton, and Cora.

In addition to work and family, I volunteer my time to the music ministries of our church through choir and praise band, serve as the president of the Ohio Methodist Foundation, and a board member of the Lake County YMCA.

Elevate Financial Professionals

Elevate Financial Professionals

The Elevate Financial Professionals are committed to engaging with people who value planning and intentionality, empowering people with an abundance mindset to unleash generosity, and equipping clients with excellent resources and knowledge. As we work together you will meet other team members so that you have a continuity of service as we help implement your strategies.


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