About Jonathan Park

I was told at a very young age by someone I looked up to that I would make a great teacher. When asked why, they told me I have the patience and genuineness to want to help people. When I realized how well I was able to manage my own personal finances, I began helping my siblings and friends with theirs. It was then during my college years that I knew I wanted to help others with their finances so that they can have a sense of assurance and live and work with purpose. Raised in a first generation immigrant household, I was never taught about how to manage and save money. For those with immigrant parents, they only knew one thing: ‘Work your butt off”. That was it. Today we live in a different time than our parents did. Although I have no rebuttal to hard-work, our parents' generation did not have the knowledge and resources to be smart with their money. Why not? Nobody taught them.
My goal is simple: to educate those that just do not know how to properly manage and plan for their finances. I will steal a famous quote from one of my favorite childhood cartoons, "knowing is half the battle" - G.I. Joe