About John Severson

I grew up outside Battle Lake in west central MN. We owned the local drugstore where I learned at an early age the importance of working together and building relationships. When I started working at the drugstore, my mom stressed the importance of getting to know our customers and calling people by name. Names are a part of who we are and our story. I found that I enjoy getting to listen to people’s stories…we all have one, each is unique and each allows us the opportunity to learn something new and to help understand a little more of people's "why." For most of our clients their "why" revolves around their families, careers, and how they choose to spend their downtime. Building solid relationships is the foundation of what we do. 

My journey to Thrivent was inspired by my experience as an elementary teacher for ten years. I wanted to use my education background to help others make wise financial decisions that make a difference for their families and their future. Losing both of my biological parents by the time I was 23 years old gave me the conviction to make sure that families are protected if they lose a loved one. It is also important that people have a plan. It doesn’t have to be rigid or perfect, but a path that starts with sound advice and finding clarity and the confidence that those you cherish most will be taken care of. 

I have four girls in my life who are my world. My wife Lacey and our three daughters Maddie, Kenley, and Ella. We live in Alexandria and enjoy spending time in the Battle Lake area in the summertime where we fish, swim, boat, and enjoy campfires at night. The Severson crew is up for adventures. Some of our past adventures have been an RV trip to the Michigan UP, hanging out on the beach in Florida, and trips to some of Minnesota's state parks including Itasca and Sibley. We are also big MN Twins and MN Vikings fans. Lacey and I bond over fantasy football and watching NFL games (she is probably a bigger football fan than I am). Maddie, Kenley, and Ella are all in dance and I guess I am as well, being a "dancing Dad" the last 10 years. Kenley also plays basketball and Maddie plays volleyball while Ella is in softball. Lacey and I enjoy the adventure that is parenthood! 


"The most important things in life aren't things."- Anthony J. D'Angelo 

Sage Creek Financial Consultants

Sage Creek Financial Consultants

Sage Creek Financial Consultants isn't just our name, it reflects who we are and who our clients are. We are all on a journey. Sage Creek signifies our journey to wisdom that comes from the Advice, Balance and Clarity that we provide to our clients.  


Advice. We get to know our clients and provide individualized guidance that helps them make sound financial decisions based on their own unique situation. This advice isn't just a "one-and-done" but a lasting relationship that evolves and adapts just as our lives do.    


Balance. This can be a work/life balance, a balance of priorities, a balance of needs vs wants. Whatever it is we believe in helping our clients make strides to achieve it so they can live life on their terms.  


Clarity. It's important that our clients understand their financial plan and how we can help them. The “how” and the “why.” Knowing that the pieces fit together gives our clients the confidence to focus on what matters most to them. Our clients know their plan, why they have one, and that we can make changes as life happens. 


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