About John K. Miller

Since graduating from St. Norbert College and joining the financial services industry in 2012 I have worked extensively with financial advisors at a variety of firms across the country while based in Chicago, Seattle, and St. Louis. I am thrilled to say I am finally home in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin fulfilling my dream as a leader with Thrivent since December 2022. I work closely with financial advisors to coach, develop, and mentor them in the financial industry. I take pride in leading and developing a financial services team both professionally and personally to serve their clients and make an impact in our communities. 

My values include faith, family, the pursuit of excellence, integrity, and relationships. As a man of faith, I strive to help my family and friends to be the best version of themselves and to pass that spirit along to others. I relish in my role as a #girldad of three and am an avid outdoor sporting enthusiast.