About Jesse Reyna

I served for six years in the Oregon Army National Guard as an infantryman and then I spent 8 years in the protective services as an armored messenger. Protecting and serving people is all I know, it’s what I’ve always been good at. I just reached a point in my life where I thought I could protect and serve people better with my mind and my heart better than I could with presence. With purpose based planning, goal setting, and a foundation of discipline and transparency I still get to protect and serve but in ways that perhaps have even more impact than what I’ve done before and that is what gets me excited to get up every day. 
What sets me apart from other financial professionals is my discipline and diligence. I will work further, faster, and harder than other FP’s to help my clients achieve their goals. I treat my client’s goals and concerns as if they are my own and I will always strive to do the right thing. I treat my duty as a financial professional no differently than I treated being a soldier. My job is my duty and my clients goals are my mission and I will always accomplish the mission. The work I do is extremely important to me because what my team and I provide is comprehensive analysis and holistic planning tailored to the client guided by what matters to them. If my clients have goals I want to help them realize them, if my clients are lost I want to guide them, if my clients are concerned I want to reassure them. Helping people navigate the waters of their finances and craft a path forward to a life of abundance and generosity is the most fulfilling work I have ever done. 
Outside of work I love to go anywhere there is high energy and a dynamic environment. I love travelling, adventuring, exploring and tasting the spice of life. I love nightlife and all music, a good glass of red wine or a few fingers of scotch and of course a fine meal to pair it with. I like to fill some of my spare time with strategy video games, magic the gathering, target shooting, rugby, and I am also an avid history buff and voracious reader.