Jake Woodbrey


Providing Financial Clarity

State(s) Licensed:   CA Insurance Lic. #4240195, ID, UT, WA

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Jake Woodbrey

Providing Financial Clarity

State(s) Licensed:   CA Insurance Lic. #4240195, ID, UT, WA

Comprehensive approach

Do you ever feel frustrated because no matter how much money you are making, there never seems to be much left at the end of the month? Do you feel like you like you aren’t where you are supposed to be at this point in your life? Not have enough time to be you?

It’s time to break the cycle. More than likely, you’ve been taught to spend money, but haven’t really learned how to save it, invest it and maximize its taxation. Do you have the drive in your heart, but not the know how?

Your accountant tells you one thing, your friends and family another. And when you look at the figures they never seem to make sense.

This leaves you confused and frustrated. If you don’t have control over your money or understand what’s happening inside of your financial plan, how can you plan for the future?

My name is Jake. My team and I guide our clients to sort out their financial confusion, find hidden money and financial leverage. We help them not be caught with huge unexpected tax bills because their wealth manager was more concerned with helping them accumulate their money than they were about how that money would be treated when it was distributed in the end. 

Money is a tool. It can be used to create financial freedom or can lead to financial ruin. Ultimately, you get to decide. You are in charge.

Utilizing my unique experience in Industrial Psychology (business psychology), and all of the experience I’ve gained running businesses and teams throughout my career and Thrivent’s generosity first, full suite of software and comprehensive strategies I guide my clients to more effectively leverage their money.

This advice system enables clients to:

  • Work toward the ultimate goal of money: to not have to worry about money
  • Gain financial clarity and move forward with greater confidence
  • Spend more time being themselves
  • Discover how to use their resources, money being one of them, to expand the amount of time we get with those they care about most. 
  • Figure out where their hard-earned money is going so that it can be reinvested to help them achieve their dreams and spend more time living the life they want
  • Find pennies that save dollars
  • Discover which strategies are getting them closer to their goals and which are holding them back

Would that make a difference to you or your family?

I know it has for mine!

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