I got an early education in finances. There are many of those lessons that I’ve carried with me throughout my life. I’ve also learned many things throughout my life and career that I wish I had known when I was younger. Im passionate about educating my clients and finding ways to improve financial literacy in my community. 

Faith and Generosity

My faith has been a very important part of my life from a young age. I’ve had the privilege to live out my faith in my education and give back all over the world from North Idaho all the way to Southern Argentina. I firmly believe that fusing faith and finance is critical to building a well rounded plan. I love that Thrivent is a place where those kinds of discussions are only allowed but are encouraged. Living a generous life and helping those I work with find more ways to give back to the people and causes that they love fills me with joy.


Meet my little Woodbrey clan. We love getting out and enjoying new places, finding hole in the wall mom-and-pop restaurants, and cuddling up to watch a good movie with a big bucket of popcorn.


I love music. I love listening to it, I love performing it, I love watching it being performed. I’ve played Prince Charming in Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella for the Spokane Civic Theatre, Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre the Musical at WSU. I’ve also performed with the Coeur d’Alene Chorale and Music Conservatory of Coeur d’Alene. So, if I make references to music, “playing in harmony”, needing a conductor, or similar mixed metaphors, don’t be surprised. 

Capitol Corridor Group

Capitol Corridor Group

Our team is passionate about helping our clients navigate complex financial decisions with confidence. We believe in providing our clients with the highest level of service and expertise, and we are constantly striving to improve our skills and knowledge through ongoing education and training. At Thrivent, we believe that money is a tool, not a goal and we strive to help our members make wise decisions with money and achieve financial clarity.

When you partner with the Capitol Corridor Group, you'll see how we combine financial expertise and purpose-based planning to bring clarity to your situation. We specialize in helping our members gain financial clarity in the following areas:

  • Dedicated financial planning with an emphasis on tax mitigation strategies.
  • Setting short- and long-term financial goals to help clarify and prioritize your needs.
  • Understanding your protection needs for your income, lifestyle, family, or business.
  • Developing a tax-wise investment strategy and active investment management solutions.
  • Preparing for an upcoming retirement as well as understanding how to structure income in retirement.
  • Planning to pass on a meaningful legacy in a tax efficient manner and charitable giving strategies.


Team Practice