A Little About My Story

Growing up my younger self knew all too well what it was like to have lights suddenly turn off, what it was like to twist a waterless faucet, or have the roof over his head taken away. In spite of this, adulthood has shown me the beauty of this world and our role to play in it. Growing up in Stockton, California, as hard as it may have felt in the moment, was actually a wonderful childhood journey that taught me many of my life lessons early. God has a destiny of greatness for us all. He really does. Being good stewards of the gifts we are given, and making the best of what we have is an essential component of living a life of abundance, dignity, and outrageous generosity. I am passionate about showing and guiding everyday people how they and their loved ones can walk this path to extraordinary results in their wealth, ability to give, and financial clarity. Life has thus shown me that with the right intention, focus, and guidance will yield a life greater than we could have ever imagined.