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Photo of Huether Associates
Huether Associates

Meet Huether Associates

Huether Associates began when Matt started his career with Thrivent in 2008, shortly after graduating college and returning to his home community, the Black Hills. Myles joined his brother in 2011 to form what is now Huether Associates. The Huether Associates team isn’t an office full of people you meet just once or twice. We’re here to make sure the financial guidance process is based on your goals and values. You’ll get to know the whole team as you schedule your appointments, build and implement a plan, call with questions, attend our social events, lead a Thrivent Action Team and introduce us to your friends and family. We’ll help you make decisions around your insurance, investing and retirement planning needs by getting to know what really matters to you. We see money as a tool, not a goal, and through this lens can accomplish more in bringing you real satisfaction.