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Huether Associates

Meet Huether Associates

We work with you to discover financial solutions and service opportunities to help you live empowered, confident, and connected. We’d also like to tell you about Thrivent’s generosity programs, and the unique features that differentiate Thrivent. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU MEET WITH US • Connection: We’ll spend time getting to know you, what matters to you, your goals, and also introduce you to our team. • Review: Your current products and possible areas to add coverage or investments. We will always offer retirement planning – we view this as an integral part of our services. It's up to you whether you want to take steps toward that now or at a future date. • Data Gather & Analysis: By looking at the whole picture we can personalize your plan to make the most of your financial journey. • Follow-up Meeting – Recommendations and implementation as decided by you. We see money as a tool, not a goal, and through this lens can accomplish more in bringing you real satisfaction.