About Heather Bleier

Heather brings a wealth of experience to the table, boasting 14 years of dedicated service as a Director of Christian Education and teacher. Her extensive background equips her with a unique perspective, enabling her to excel at guiding her clients toward effective solutions.

In 2018, Heather answered a higher calling to transition from her church-focused work and directed her passion towards assisting small businesses. She walks alongside entrepreneurs, recognizing that their employees are their most valuable asset. After two years of unwavering dedication, Heather's journey led her to Thrivent.

It is here that Heather truly shines. She leverages her expertise as an educator and her invaluable experience from the world of small businesses to provide unparalleled value to her clients. Heather collaborates with a diverse clientele, including businesses, non-profits, and individuals, helping them gain financial clarity, safeguard their assets, plan for the future, implement strategic tax approaches, and embrace a life of generosity.

Beyond her professional life, Heather finds joy in spending quality time with her family, whether it's hiking on the beach or restoring their cherished Mystic Cobra. She's also an avid video gamer and consistently dedicates herself to serving her church and local community.

Pathfinder Financial Group

Pathfinder Financial Group

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